Wheeler Farm

Every other Sunday we take Bryson to Salt Lake to visit my family. Today we thought it would be fun to meet at Wheeler Farm to have a picnic and enjoy a quiet evening together on the farm. We had fun walking Bryson around to see all of the animals.

Bryson's hair (and ear) did some crazy things today. You can kind of see in this picture that his roots are growing in blonde-- so it doesn't look like his dark hair will be around for very much longer. We'll see though.

Full of smiles!

Bryson seemed to think the sheep were very interesting creatures. Every time one would "baaaa" Bryson jumped.

Bryson giving Grandpa "Hink" lots of smiles!

Bryson with Granny Goose!

By the end of our visit to Wheeler Farm Bryson was all farmed out. This is his classic "I'm ready to go, you'd better get me outta here" look. He's with my little brother Ike and his wife Bethany.
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