What a Big Boy!

Bryson is growing and developing way too quickly! Before we know it he'll be off to college! Today he did three new things: First, I propped him up to this toy (thanks Zack & Heather!) and he stood and played with it without falling over.

Second, during his tummy time, he pulled himself into this semi-crawling position. He stayed there just long enough for me to grab my camera and snap a picture and then he collapsed back to his tummy.

Third, he wore an outfit bought by his mommy (me) for the very first time. Bryson got so many clothes from his two baby shower's that I haven't had to buy him a single piece of clothing. The pants he's wearing, are the ones I bought him the other day in Park City. The shirt I bought at the Gateway when I went to meet Christina. He didn't really need a new outfit but these were so cute I just couldn't resist! It was so much fun to finally shop for him. What a cutie!
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