7 Months Old!

Today Bryson is 7 months old! He is at such a fun stage and is SO CLOSE to crawling. He can move himself all around the room with a combination crawl-sit-roll move, but he's not quite to the all crawl stage yet. Bryson loves it when daddy comes home from work each day. As soon as Bryson sees Mike, he gets a big grin on his face and gets so excited. He looks forward to the playtime and giggles daddy gives him everyday after work.

Bryson's new favorite toy is this musical stand up toy called Leap Frog. He stands (or does the splits) and plays with it forever! The longest time we've clocked him playing with it at one time is 45 minutes!

This is Bryson's TV watching position. Every morning, right after he eats, he watches his 20 minute long Baby Einstein (or Baby Bach) video. He has watched it at least 200+ times and is still absolutely mesmerized by it! I don't understand why kids love watching the same thing over and over again, but they do! I was sick of it after the first time I saw it.

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