Bryson's Blessing Day

We had another special day yesterday. Bryson was blessed and Mike did a wonderful job with the blessing. I was even more impressed with Mike after hearing about how wiggly Bryson was during the blessing. From what I heard from those in the circle, Bryson started in a sitting position but kept grabbing for the microphone so they tried laying him back and nearly dropped him in the process because he was trying to climb out of their arms. Despite all the chaos within the circle, it didn't even seem to phase Mike and he did amazing. I was so proud of him.

We were so happy that Kimbralee and several of her family members and friends were able to attend the blessing. Bryson was able to meet his biological great-grandparents and his biological uncle. Even though we had never met them before, we all felt like one big happy family. Bryson is lucky to be so loved!!!

On Saturday we invited Bryson's birth mother over to spend time with Bryson. She was so sweet and brought Bryson some presents. We were nervous that seeing Bryson again may stir up feelings that would cause her heartache or pain, but she is such a strong girl and continues to be so at peace with her decision. We love her so much!
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