Play Date!

Bryson and I had such a fun day with Alison & Jack and Becky & Sophie yesterday. Becky is the wife of one of my guy friends from high school and I met Alison, believe it or not, through Becky's blog. Alison's little boy is also adopted and when she randomly clicked our blog link from Becky's blog and realized Bryson was adopted as well, she emailed me and we instantly became friends.

We met at Gardner Village and had a fun time walking through the cute shops and playing with the ducks.

Afterwards we went to Alison's house for some yummy hot chocolate! Bryson loved playing with Sophie, who looked so pretty in pink!

Bryson also had fun playing with his adopted buddy Jack. Jack is one month younger than Bryson and was just sealed to his parents and was blessed the very same day Bryson was. Alison and I enjoyed comparing and sharing our adoption stories with each other.

While at Alison's house, I picked up Jack and put him on my lap to play with him. When Bryson noticed that I was holding another baby, he got jealous and immediately climbed up into my lap as if to claim me his. It was so cute!

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