We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my parents house. Everyone from my family was there except my oldest brother and his family, who are down in Arizona. Dinner was delicious! After dinner we put in a very embarrassing home video my family made for me when I was on my mission and laughed ourselves blue in the face! We also played a few rounds of Guitar Hero and games on my brother's Wii.

It was also my dad's 60th birthday! My dad is such a wonderful, quiet, humble man who has worked SO hard throughout his life to support our family. My dad has always dreamed of restoring an old '55 Chevy BelAir with his sons (he drove one when he was dating my mom and has always regretted selling it), but because he has been so busy working to help each of his seven kids fulfill their dreams, he has never taken the time to fulfill his own. So today my brother Zack surprised my dad with this beauty, which he towed home clear from Oklahoma! My dad was in heaven and is so excited to start restoring it with his four sons.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much!
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