9 Little Known Facts About Mikey

I've decided to do this tag about Mike for three reasons: 1- I've been tagged but hate talking about myself, 2- I'm not that interesting, and 3- There's not a whole lot on this blog about Mike so I thought it would be good to give him some face time. So here are 9 little known facts about Mike ...and just so you know, Mike would be the last one to share any of this with you:

1- His parents are the ones who did all of the Especially for Mormons books that have become so popular throughout the Mormon community.

2- He loves to brush his teeth and floss. He doesn't go anywhere without a flosser and uses them constantly. I would suspect he has one of the cleanest mouths around. Lucky me! :)

3- He has had cancer twice (neuroblastoma & renal cell carcinoma) and has more scars than anyone I know. I think Collin would agree with me that Mike's scars are super sexy.

4- Mike only has one kidney and it isn't even his! He lost his kidney's to the cancers listed above but was fortunate enough to get a kidney transplant from his very generous older brother.

5- He hates to be touched/tickled under his arms and gets really upset if you put your hand anywhere near his armpit.

6- Mike has a radio spot about him that airs in Utah on FM100 & KSL News Radio (it may be on others but those are the only two I've heard it on). His mom works for the National Kidney Foundation and did a radio spot for them where she talks about Mike and his battle with kidney cancer.

7- He loves the game of lacrosse and played on his high school lacrosse team. He's really good and is anxious for the weather to warm up again so he can practice.

8- Mike is very frugal and hates spending money on unnecessary things. In fact, the very first thing he did after we got married was pay off my credit card and car loan so that we wouldn't have any debt. He loves to save/invest his money and would rather [insert something absolutely horrible here] than have any unnecessary debt.

9- He is a huge Jack Bauer fan and secretly wants to be him.

I'm tagging all of Mike's friends whose wives have set up blogs: Brad, Cameron, Collin, Dallin, Danny, Dave, & Gary. Maybe the wives of these men can do the tag for them (about them), because if they are anything like Mike, they could probably care less about doing something like this.
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