Happy 1st Birthday Bryson!

(The video is 4.5 minutes long)
It's hard to believe Bryson is a year old already. It seems like just yesterday that we held him in our arms for the first time. On this special day, it's hard to not think about the person who so selflessly blessed our lives with his. Kimbralee we love you! This poem expresses perfectly the feelings we have felt in our hearts for you today:
...We don't know how to thank you
There are things that words can't say.
He's the sunshine and the happiness that brightens all our days.
And we couldn't live without him.
And we love him as our own.
He has filled the empty spaces in our family and our home.

You delivered him from heaven.
Something only you could do.
And you have trusted us to love him
And to teach him what is true.

You have been our earthly angel
And I hope you know we pray.
That we can deliver him back to heaven
And that we'll meet you there someday.

And even though you may not get to hold him for awhile.
A piece of you will be with him, every time he smiles.
And when he looks at his reflection, he'll see traces of the face
Of the one who made the sacrifice to send him to this place...
(excerpt from the adoption poem "Delivery" by an unknown author)
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