Play Group

(Getting ready to go! Bryson LOVES his little red car.)

Every other Wednesday I take Bryson to a little play group. It's a group for all of the stay-at-home moms in our ward to bring their kids to. Bryson loves the chance he gets to be around kids his own age and seems to really look forward to it. One of the little boys in the group always runs up to Bryson and gives him the biggest hug each time we go. It's so cute.

(An example of my killer photography skills)

While the kids play, the moms learn about something fun. Last time we learned about quilting and today we learned about how to take good summer pictures. Basically all I learned is that I'm not a very good photographer and that I need a new camera because apparently mine is pretty pathetic. So it looks like a new camera is in the horizon. Any recommendations for a good one?

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