Our Weekend

We had such a fun conference weekend. We watched the Sunday sessions at my parents house with my family.

I had fun hanging out with my one-and-only niece on my side of the family (Zyan). She's been kind of sad lately because she is the only girl and really wants a sister or girl cousin to play with. Hopefully she'll get one soon. She always wants me to tell her stories about magical lands and big friendly giants.

We celebrated Abbel's 22nd birthday. He will be marrying my baby sister next month and is such a good guy! We all gave him different tools to fill the empty tool box my mom bought him.

We also had the chance to meet little Aiden. He is the biological brother to the baby my sister Rachel just adopted. There is the possibility that Rachel and Randy will be adopting him as well in the near future, but we'll see. It was fun to spend time with him. He had the cutest little laugh and seemed right at home with our family.

Bryson loved having a friend so close in age to play with. They got along really well and had all of the same interests.

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