Our Summer of Fun!

To keep our kids entertained this summer, my sister and I decided to make a list of fun places or things to do between Salt Lake and Provo that we could enjoy with our boys (we've already checked three off this list). In no particular order, this is what we've come up with so far:

1. Hike/picnic in A.F. Canyon
2. Hike Timp
3. Hike the Y
4. Children's Museum at the Gateway
5. Cabela's to see the fish aquarium and animals (Check.)
6. Bean Museum at BYU
7. Legacy Pool in Lehi
8. Wheeler Farm
9. Gardner Village
10. Red Butte Gardens
11. Children's Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove (Check.)
12. Jump on It -OR- Kangaroo Zoo
13. Hogle Zoo
14. Animal Farm at Thanksgiving Point (Check.)
15. The Dinasour Museum in Ogden (we hear this is incredible!)

That's all we could think of but we know there has to be more -- so if you can think of other fun places to see or would like to join us at any of these when we go, please let me know! We'd be happy to have you! We'll be sure to post pictures of each place after we visit.

Here are some pictures of our recent visits to the Discovery Park and Cabela's.

The Children's Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove is a children's paradise!

Bryson was pretty scared when we first tried to get him into this cute little beehive...

But once he got brave enough to get in, we had a very hard time getting him out. He loved sitting on the little chair inside and looked so proud of himself.

The aquarium at Cabela's had some pretty cool and pretty ugly fish in it.

Bryson loved looking at all of the stuffed animals. We can't wait to see his reaction when he sees each of these same animals LIVE at the zoo next week.

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