Brock's Sealing

On Saturday we had the privilege of attending the sealing of little Brock to my sister and her husband. They adopted Brock six months ago and finalized the adoption this past Monday.

My grandpa Green performed the sealing and did a beautiful job. It was our first time being all together in the temple as a family since Mac died and it was an incredible experience. My grandpa talked a lot about Mac and the sacred mission he has been called to fulfill on the other side. The words he spoke brought so much comfort to everyone present, especially Josh and Cali. The Spirit was so strong and, once again, the veil seemed so thin.

A few weeks ago Rachel asked Cali if she would hold Brock during the sealing. I remember how Cali's eyes filled with tears and how touched she was when Rachel asked her. As we saw Cali looking like and angel in white with Brock dressed in white in her arms, it was as though time had been fast forwarded to the day when Cali will be reunited with little Mac and get to hold him again. Tears flooded our eyes as it was confirmed to each of our hearts during the sealing that Cali truly will hold little Mac again! The blessings of the temple have always meant so much to our family, but now that we have experienced what we have with Mac's death, they mean SO MUCH more!!! How thankful our family is to have experienced the things we have. The Church is so true!

You can view a beautiful video Rachel put together of the day by clicking here.

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