July 4th

I just realized that I totally forgot to post about the 4th (today is actually the 8th, but I wanted to insert this where it should have been chronologically). So here's a quick recap on what we did.
We had a fun BBQ at Cali's grandparents house with all of my family and Cali's family. We've spent so much time with Cali's family since Mac's death and have really grown to love them. We continued on with the Hinckley family tradition of filling up a tractor tire with water and watching it explode!

It took a while, but eventually it popped. This picture is of Cali's family just moments before they all got drenched.

Then we all walked to Jordan High School to watch the fireworks. It's was nice to spend time talking with Josh and Cali about everything. They are awesome!

Bryson LOVED watching the fireworks and looked so cute sitting on his daddy's lap. After the big firework show, we walked back to Cali's parents house to eat homemade ice cream and to do our own fireworks. It felt nice to take it easy this year and just spend time with family.

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