Liberty Park

Today for Terrific Tuesday Bryson and I headed to Liberty Park with Granny Goose, Rachel, Cali, Zyan, Chazz, & Brock.

We started at the playground and splash park.

This little girl (I learned she's only a day older than Bryson) would not leave Bryson alone. She kept following him around everywhere! When she caught him, she would wrap her arms around him and hug and kiss him to death. Bryson didn't want anything to do with her and kept trying to get away from her but she was an aggressive little thing. It was pretty funny to watch.

We had a picnic and then headed over to the Tracy Aviary to look at the birds. This is a picture of the kids in front of a peacock (it's on the fence).

Our favorite part was watching the pink flamingos. Thanks Granny Goose for another fun Tuesday!

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