The Great Escape

Well, it happened. Bryson has learned how to climb out of his crib! In the middle of the night last night we were awakened by a loud "thud" followed by crying and then Bryson appeared in our room holding his blanket. We were like, "what on earth!?!?" So we put him back in his crib and sure enough we watched him climb right out!

He's actually pretty smart about it. Once he gets his leg and body over the top rail, the free fall is about 4 feet to the ground so he throws all of his blankets onto the floor first and uses them as a landing pad. Even with his make-shift landing pad, seeing him fall that far to the ground really scared me! As a result, we lowered the mattress to the lowest notch thinking that would keep him in there and went back to bed, but sure enough a few minutes later we heard another "thud" and he was back in our room again!

It looks like it's time to move Bryson into a toddler bed! Hopefully he won't break any limbs in his escape attempts before we can get one!

Here's a short 24 second video clip of our little escape artist. This is a re-enactment of his moves before we lowered the mattress. Sorry it doesn't have sound.

By the way, I am just LOVING the Olympics!!!! My favorite events to watch are women's volleyball and beach volleyball (of course), men's basketball, swimming (aka: Michael Phelps), diving, table tennis, and gymnastics! Go USA!

Too bad crib escaping isn't an Olympic event. If it were, Bryson would certainly win the Gold!

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