Happy 28th Birthday Mike!

My man is 28 years old today! I honestly could not have been blessed with a more perfect husband who compliments me to a tee! To celebrate each of the 28 years he has blessed this earth with his presence, I'd like to list 28 things I love about him. In no particular order here they are:

1. I love how excited you are to play with Bryson after work everyday.

2. I love that no matter how deep asleep you are, when I say you "I love you" you always say "I love you" back.

3. I love that you sing at the top of your lungs in the shower no matter who might be listening.

4. I love that you have made me laugh every one of the 2,270 days we've been married.

5. I love that you can get along with anyone because of your easy-going personality.

6. I love that no matter how mad I get at you, I can't stay mad at you longer than a couple of minutes because just looking at you melts my anger right away.

7. I love that you play off the cancer and major health issues you've had like they are no big deal because you don't want people to feel sorry for you.

8. I love how much you love to learn new things.

9. I love that you make sure we kneel down and pray together every morning before you walk out the door to work and every evening before we go to bed.

10. I love your entrepreneurial mind and how you come up with new and brilliant business ideas nearly everyday.

11. I love your sexy smile and how it always melts my heart.

12. I love that you always thank me for dinner each evening.

13. I love how amazing you are with the youth in our ward and how well you can relate to them and them to you.

14. I love the little box of "memories" (baseball cards, marbles, bullets, key chains, pocketknives...basically just dumb kid stuff) that you refuse to let me throw away because you like to open it up every couple of years and tell me the stories behind all of it.

15. Even though it drives me crazy, I love the little pile of socks you leave in "the spot" on our bedroom floor every evening because you hate sleeping with socks on.

16. I love that the video of you skydiving from when you just graduated high school totally makes me drool over you because you look so amazingly good looking in it.

17. I love that when you look at me I feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the world to you.

18. I love that you can rarely have a picture taken of you without making a goofy face unless I threaten you.

19. I love the melt-in-my-mouth crepes you make for me on a regular basis.

20. I love how all of the teenage girls in your Sunday School class have very obvious crushes on you.

21. I love that you always know the best thing to order off of a menu and that I will always love, without fail, whatever I let you order for me.

22. I love that when my muscles are sore from working out that you massage them for me.

23. I love how generous you are with your time and how willing you always are to help others.

24. I love that when you try to sing the tenor or bass parts in church you always turn to me and ask, "do I sound good?"

25. I love that you lived a life worthy to take me to the temple when we were married

26. I love how my family immediately fell in love with you the first time they met you.

27. I love how every year when I ask for birthday gift ideas for you, you always say, "I don't need anything...all I need is you!"

28. I love that even though I'm at the end of this list I could still go on and on!

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!
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