Random Cuteness

Our little guy is 17 months old today! To celebrate I thought I would post an array of random pictures taken recently of our cutie-pie for your viewing enjoyment.

Bryson is so curious about everything around him. I love that he helps me see the world through his fresh little eyes.

Just hanging out in his diaper looking playful and cute.

One of his favorite things to do these days is ride this little trike. His legs aren't quite long enough to reach the pedals yet so he just scoots along using his little feet.

This is how Bryson folds his arms to pray. It is so adorable!!!! He yells when he hears amen.

Getting ready for another haircut from his aunt Rachel! He's had so many that I've lost count.

Bryson LOVES swinging. We frequent different parks on a daily basis.

This is what Bryson looks like at this very moment--asleep and probably dreaming about balls, animals, trucks, and all of the other things that excite a one-year-old. It's amazing how big he seems to me lately. He's not my little baby anymore and it makes me sad that he is growing up so fast! We sure love our little man!

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