Bryson's New Bed

Our little boy is officially a big boy now! He was so excited when we brought this shiny red "big boy bed" home for him to replace his crib.
It's the top half to a bunk bed that we thought would work perfect for him right now because of the guard rails. When he gets a little bigger, we'll set up the whole bunk bed. Maybe by then he'll have a little brother to share it with or a sister to split it with.
We've been reading him this cute book for the past few weeks to prepare him for his move into his new bed.
Tonight was the big night. Bryson seemed excited about the bed (in this picture he was showing us that he's a big boy) but we weren't sure if he understood it was where he'd be sleeping from now on.

We followed our usual bedtime routine: bath, milk, stories, brush teeth, song, prayers, kisses--and then tucked him into his new bed.

At first he looked a little confused and cried for a bit, but then ended up doing surprisingly well and only tried to escape twice.

Before we knew it he was fast asleep. Cross your fingers our future nights go as well!

**UPDATE: Bryson has been doing wonderful in his new bed! At 7:30 am every morning instead of waking up to him crying for us to get him out of his crib, we wake up to his adorable face looking at us in bed. Other than the very first night, once we put him in his bed, he doesn't get out until morning so it seems to be working out really well. Yeah for us!

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