Cedar City Football

This past weekend my family headed down to Cedar City to watch my sister's new husband Abbel play football.
Before heading to the game, we stopped at Zion's National Park to enjoy the scenery and to do a little hiking.

Bryson has always seemed to really enjoy hiking adventures.

Mike and Bryson looked so cute as they explored the rocks together.

I just had to add this picture because it makes me smile.

What a hottie!!! Grrrrr.

After spending a few hours in Zion's we headed to Cedar City to watch Abbel play football. He's a freshman and plays tight end for Southern Utah University (SUU). He's the hunk in the middle with his helmet off (#80).

Bryson LOVED watching Abbel run on and off of the field during the game.

Abbel did awesome and had tons of playing time. SUU won 38 to 10.

I love this picture of my beautiful little niece Zyan and my adorable nephew Brock. We had such fun weekend and hope to be able to head back down to Cedar to see Abbel play again soon!

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