McKallister's Autopsy Results

Josh and Cali finally got the results of Mac's autopsy back and they've given me permission to share the results here because I know that many of you have been following their story and have been interested to know exactly what caused his death. Here's what the autopsy stated about the cause of death:

"Autopsy examination revealed the cause of death to be an umbilical cord accident. Specifically, the umbilical cord was excessively long and, consistent with the clinical history of a tight nuchal cord, there was a prominent ligature mark on the neck. In addition there was significant cerebrovascular congestion and hemorrhage, secondary to vascular obstruction from the nuchal cord, and systemic evidence of fetal stress."

Josh and Cali seemed to receive the results with great calmness and strength, but that shouldn't surprise us because they have truly been beacons of strength throughout all of this. These results have helped re-confirm in their hearts and each of our hearts that it truly was God's will for Mac to leave us. We sure love him and will miss him!

**Update: I removed the link to the voting website that was previously here because although flattered that Mac's blog was nominated for that award, Josh & Cali have decided not to encourage people to vote for fear the competitive nature of voting may distract from the true message and purpose of his blog.**
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