General Conference

Saturday evening I sat in Tepanyaki's enjoying our traditional "after Priesthood session dinner" with Mike and his parents. It's something we've done after nearly every Priesthood session since we've been married. Mike attends the session with his dad and Mike's mom and I arrive early to the previously designated restaurant to reserve a table. I always look forward to seeing Mike and his dad arrive and then watching as the restaurant becomes flooded with so many men of the Priesthood in their white shirts and ties. A feeling of strength always enters with them.

As we sat at our huge table, Mike and his dad began sharing with us the stories and messages from the session. Unfortunately, the fan over head and the dining noise around me made it nearly impossible to hear anything they were saying. I felt just like Dwight in the Tepanyaki episode of The Office. To make matters worse, Bryson was becoming a handful because it was way past his bedtime. Sitting pleasantly in a restaurant was the last thing he wanted to be doing.

As the chef arrived and began preparing our food, I was reminded again why I would much rather eat a meal cooked by myself at home than eat out. Before starting his fancy-schmancy cooking routine, the chef began by blowing his nose into a napkin and then didn't bother to wash his hands--yeah, pretty disgusting! His hands weren't ever going to touch our food directly, but still it was an unappetizing sight. As he began to cook our meal, I felt my arteries begin to clog as I watched him add gobs and gobs of butter to the food. Then I about died when he used the same spatula he had just used on the raw meats to distribute the fully cooked vegetables to each of our plates. Having raw meat touch fully cooked food in any way is a big "no-no" in the dietetics and food-service world and absolutely disgusted me. Needless to say, by the time my food finally reach my plate, I was no longer hungry.

On the drive home Mike raved about how much he enjoyed the evening and especially the food and then asked me how I had enjoyed the evening. As I rehearsed to him all of the things wrong with the dinner and evening, he politely interrupted me and kindly pointed out how negative I was being. He always has such a wonderful and loving way of bringing to my attention my numerous character flaws. My negativity had completely blinded my eyes to all of the goodness and blessings around me--the blessings that evening of having:
  • a delicious meal to eat (yes, it was delicious even though the preparation of it grossed me out)
  • a mother & father-in-law that radiate the love of the Lord and always leave me spiritually uplifted when I'm in their presence
  • an amazing husband who humbles me daily and helps me along my journey of becoming the person I desire so much to be
  • the adorable bundle of joy (pictured below) in my life to hold and hug & kiss...

...even when he's ornery and has a face like this:

I love General Conference so much! I love how it helps us realize that no matter how "negative" our lives may seem, there is hope and goodness all around us. Conference is such a wonderful time to evaluate where we stand with the Savior and make the necessary course corrections in our lives that will someday lead each of us into His warm embrace. Simply put, conference (and my Mikey) just make(s) me want to be better...

and better I will try to be. :)

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