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My Calorie Counter
Whether you need to lose, gain, or maintain your weight My Calorie Counter is for you! I've been using it for a few years now and love it so much that I had to share with you! It's a free online journal where you can chart your daily food intake and exercise. It keeps a tally of the number of calories you consume through food and/or burn through exercise each day and is such a great way to help you manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle. This is why it's so cool:
  • It keeps a running total of not only your calorie intake, but of your fat, cholesterol, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sodium, sugar, fiber, and protein intakes so that you can keep them all in check.
  • It calculates how many calories you burn for a given activity (I've compared what this calculates with what my heart rate monitor calculates when I work out and it's pretty accurate)
  • It charts your weight and graphs your progress
  • It charts and graphs your nutrient breakdowns so you can see which nutrients your diet is lacking or exceeding (unfortunately it doesn't chart your vitamin and mineral intakes)
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Be sure that when you first create your journal you:

  • Adjust it for your current weight (circled in example above). Keeping your current weight up-to-date in the journal will help it properly calculate the calories you burn each day.
  • Click on "Target" (circled in example above) and adjust it for your target calorie level. Your target calorie level is a number that is specific to you. If you don't know what your target calorie level should be, leave me a comment or send me an email (see sidebar) and I'd be happy to calculate your personalized number for you. Knowing your individual calorie level will help you better manage your weight.
  • Also in the "Target" section, you may also need to adjust the different nutrient targets according to your individual needs (ie: if you have high blood pressure and are on a low-sodium diet, adjust the sodium level listed to match that of your diet). If you aren't on any health related diets, the nutrient levels automatically listed will be appropriate for you.
I hope you'll use this and come to love it as much as I do! Have fun and be healthy!
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