My "Business Partner"

A prominent and well-respected businessman was once asked what factors had contributed to the twenty-five years of success he and his partner had enjoyed in their business relationship. "There have been many contributing factors," he said, "but if I were to single out one, it would be that I chose a good partner. This decision was not left to chance or speculation, as many business ventures often are. I sat down and made a list of the qualities and characteristics my future partner must have. I needed to know that he had the same beliefs, standards, and goals for the business that I had. After all, this was not to be a short-lived relationship. I had to look for some time, but when I found someone who met these tough standards and shared my goals, we formed our business. We have had both lean and prosperous times, but through it all we remained committed to the standards we had established, we pulled together, and each did his part to make the business work." (taken from Young Women Manuel 3, p.129)

When I returned from my mission I did just as this man did. I made a list of the qualities and characteristics my future marriage partner must have. I wrote the list in question form and this is what it looked like:


  • Is Christ the center of his life?
  • Will he help me get to the Celestial Kingdom?
  • Does he honor his Priesthood?
  • Did he serve an honorable mission?
  • Does he have a testimony?
  • Does he treat the women in his life with respect?
  • Does he radiate the Spirit?
  • Does he radiate humility?


  • Is he attractive?
  • Is he athletic?
  • Does he have nice teeth/a nice smile?
  • Is he really good at something?
  • Is he good with kids?
  • Is he good with people?
  • Does he/will he have a job where he wears a suit to work? (I added this one because I always dreamed of having a husband come home from work each day looking dashing) :)

I kept the list in my journal and after each first date, would pull it out to see how the "victim" measured up. Without fail, they would always be lacking in one area or another

...that is, until my Mr. Perfect (A.K.A. Mike) came along.

I feel so blessed to be married to a man who truly measures up to everything listed above (although he doesn't wear a "suit" to work, he wears slacks, a dress shirt and sometimes a tie and definitely looks "dashing" when he struts through the door from work each day...grrrr).

Although we've had our fair share of challenges and rough times, I feel blessed to have found a man that shares my same goals and standards and continually helps me in my efforts to have a prosperous marriage and family. I'm learning that:

strong commitment to standards & goals + keeping an eternal perspective

= a happy and prosperous marriage

I love Mike so much and feel so blessed to have found him. He has definitely been a wise investment.

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