Park & Jump On It

I forgot to post about our Terrific Tuesday activity last week so I'll throw it in with this weeks Terrific Tuesday post. It was so warm last week that we decided to hit the discovery park in West Jordan. It's a park much like the ones we've been to in Pleasant Grove and Cedar City and was tons fun.

Bryson doing his thing (A.K.A. looking cute) on the swing.

Since today was a cold day, we decided to hit an indoor activity. One of the last things to do on the list we made at the beginning of the summer was to go to Jump on it. I think Rachel and I had far more fun bouncing around on the trampolines than the kids did.

Although you wouldn't know it from the look on his face in this picture, Bryson loved riding the little merry-go-round they had there.

There was also a little play room that Brock and Bryson enjoyed.

Now that we've about completed our list of fun summer activities, we'll need to think up some fun places to visit during the winter months. Please let me know if you know of any so we can get our list together.

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