A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last Christmas Mike's parents gave us one of our favorite gifts of all time-- season tickets to the Hale Center Theater in Orem. Mike and I have always loved attending cultural events like plays, musicals, museums, art shows, etc. and so we were absolutely thrilled! The best thing about getting season tickets is that it's a gift we've been able to enjoy all year long.

Last night we attended our last show of the season, Aida. It's an Egyptian, rock 'n' roll love story with a modern twist and was full of men with mohawks rockin' out in tight leather pants and women singing so hard they had veins popping out of their faces. It was absolutely FABULOUS (the play, not the tightly clad men--although, now that I think of it, they weren't all that bad either). :)

A big thank you to Mike's parents for a seasons worth of wonderful entertainment (and for babysitting Bryson last night). We're crossing our fingers for the same thing from them this Christmas...hint, hint! :)

After the play we went back to Mike's parents house to pick up Bryson and I cannot tell you how cute it was to walk in and see Bryson and Nonni (Mike's mom) both in their PJ's jumping around on the couch together. It was the cutest thing (I wish I had taken a picture of it). Bryson has the best grandparents--on both sides--in the whole world! He's such a lucky little guy.
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