A few weeks ago Bryson created these beautiful works of art in Nursery. They were the first pieces of art he's ever made and were crumpled and had a few scratches of color on them.

(this one has a little scribble of yellow on it--click to view larger)

When we got home from church, Bryson threw them on the living room floor and then ran to his room to play. Being the clean freak that I am, I saw them as garbage/clutter and immediately dropped them into the trash (I know, I know...I'm a horrible mother). I honestly didn't see them as anything worth keeping, especially since Bryson was too young to know the difference.

And then Mike put me in my place. :)

When Mike saw them in the trash he immediately pulled them out and asked, "what are these doing in the garbage?" I explained to him my reasoning behind throwing them away and then watched as he slapped them to the front of the refrigerator with magnets. He told me that he wanted them to be in a place where everyone could see them, not in the trash!

Oops. My bad.

It was so cute to see Mike take such pride in Bryson's very first "masterpieces." Apparently I need a few lessons on the proper way to display a child's art.

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