M-Prove Yourself Monday


Saturday morning I attended a Relief Society brunch. It was wonderful and filled with Christmas music that really touched my soul and made me think of all of the ways in which I need to be better. Beautiful music always has a way of doing that to me. To be honest, I originally didn't want to be there--I woke up on the "wrong side of the bed" and was not in the mood to be social. While driving there I almost turned around and went home, but deep down I knew it was where I was suppose to be and that is the only reason I went.

I attended the brunch with a very emotional frame of mind due to an inner battle that has been plaguing me lately. I tried to smile and be sociable but in reality I was just annoyed to even be there. It wasn't until the musical portion of the program started that my heart began to soften and I came to realize why I was there. The music was beautiful! It stirred my soul and taught me the very things I needed to hear in regards to my inner struggles. I felt the love of the Savior pour into my heart to such a great degree that it forced tears to pour right out of my eyeballs. We'll just say that the makeup I had applied to my face before going was completely gone by the end (a very scary sight, I'm sure).

After the soul-stirring brunch, Bryson welcomed me home with an enthusiastic "hello" and then smothered me with juicy kisses. He always seems to know exactly what I need. I knew he was eager to have me play with him so we turned on some Christmas music (we have a little dancing Santa that plays music) and we started dancing. We dance together everyday, but I must admit that yesterday's dance routine was pretty dang impressive! After our awe-inspiring routine, Bryson grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. The movie that "just happened" (yeah right!) to be playing was Spiderman 3. Bryson immediately became entranced as he watched Peter Parker swing from building to building in his red and blue spandex suit. We sat there watching it together for about 15 minutes until Bryson's repeated yawns signaled his nap time.

I put Bryson down for his nap and then sat back down on the couch to finish the movie which I was now, thanks to Bryson, totally into. As I watched, I was surprised by the many spiritual truths the movie teaches through its symbolism. I'm sure those truths were especially apparent to me yesterday because each of them seemed to relate directly to my struggles...and once again my eyes welled with tears.

Who cries watching Spiderman?!?! Apparently (and embarrassingly), I do.

The movie teaches so much about the power each of us have to win whatever battles we have raging within us, no matter how great or small they may be. It teaches about repentance and forgiveness--not only forgiving others, but forgiving ourselves, which can sometimes be the hardest part. It talks about how we should never let mistakes and weaknesses destroy true friendships. It seems Bryson knew exactly what I needed that day in more ways than one and I'm so glad he turned on the TV. I'm certain it was not by chance.

The movie ends with Peter Parker saying this... and this is what I really wanted to share with you today because, out of everything I learned yesterday, this is what struck me most deeply. He says:

"Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. We can choose to be the best of ourselves. It's the choices that make us who we are and we can always choose to do what's right."

Our choices really do determine who we are and what we can become! Yes we all have problems and inner (and outer) battles that we fight every day, but it's how we choose to react to those challenges that makes all the difference in the world.

That is what yesterday taught me.

So in the spirit of making choices, I thought I would share a few of the choices I will be making tomorrow (Monday). I hope as the day progresses and the exhaustion and stresses of the day begin to set in that I can remember to "choose to do what's right."

1. Go to the gym in the bitter cold to workout in the morning -OR- sleep in all snuggled up warm in my bed

2. Study my scriptures during Bryson's nap time -OR- "BLOG"

3. Be a good mommy to Bryson by playing with him and spending quality time with him -OR- ignore him while I get things done around the house

4. Make a salad to take to dinner at Mike's sister's house -OR- not

5. Keep a positive and uplifting attitude throughout the day no matter what happens -OR- let the tiniest thing make me ornery and frustrated

6. Make visiting teaching appointments -OR- not


Here's hoping for a day made up of great choices!
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