New Clothes!

Some very special packages came in the mail for Bryson the other day!

Bryson sat on the floor and eagerly opened each one.

They were all wrapped up in Elmo wrapping paper, which made Bryson extremely excited (he LOVES Elmo--in fact he's watching Elmo as I type this)!

Inside each package were brand new clothes for him to wear! They came from his birth mommy Kim (and family) as a late Christmas present.

Thank you SO MUCH! He loves them and looks so handsome in them! Below are some pictures of him wearing the yellow plaid shirt. These were taken while he was playing with his cousin Brock the other day in Brock's cute room.

P.S. You'll see him wearing more of his new clothes in the next couple of posts I'll be making as I find time to play catch-up. My little business has gotten a lot busier than I was expecting (a good thing), however it hasn't left me much time to update my own blog...but I'll do my best to get the updates on here soon.
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