M-Prove Yourself Monday

Signature Strengths

What are your strengths? Do you know? Thanks to a seminar I attended a few months ago, I just recently discovered what mine are. The seminar taught that one of the great sources of happiness is to infuse your strengths into everything you do! I've been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of strengths and how to better use them and thought I would share with you some of the things I've learned and am still learning...

Each of us have been blessed with unique strengths for a reason. You have been blessed with the very strengths you have so that you have a way to bring Christ to others. C.S. Lewis said, "Men are mirrors, or 'carriers' of Christ to other men." I love that and believe that it's in our strengths that Christ is carried.

Christ is literally carried within each of our strengths because our strengths belong to Him--they are portions of Himself that He has lovingly bestowed upon each of us so we can each have unique and powerful ways to bless the lives of those around us and to bring others to Him. That is why we have them!

Here are some other things I've learned about them:

-Strengths should not be used to glorify ourselves, but to glorify HIM, because it's to Him they belong.

-When we infuse our strengths into everything we do, we are infusing Christ into everything we do because He is found within them.

-Through our strengths we can carry Christ into the lives of everyone around us IF we recognize the power they have of doing that.

My goal this week is to focus on using the portions of Christ in me (AKA: my strengths) to better bless the lives of those around me.

I encourage you to do the same. :)

P.S. Find out what portions of Christ are in you by taking the VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire (you will need to register to take it) Then allow Christ to work through each of your amazing strengths to bless the world! :)

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