The Nightly Ritual

This post was inspired by my sister-in-laws post about Bryson's cousin's nightly ritual (check it out-- it's pretty funny). Although adopted, Bryson must be related somehow because he has the same ritualistic tendencies. :)

For the past week or so, after we tuck him into bed and close the door, Bryson has been quietly climbing out of bed & gathering up toys and then placing them in piles next to him in bed. Before Mike and I go to bed each night, we go into Bryson's room one last time to cover him up and kiss him goodnight and this is what we've been finding lately:

Night #1: Cars

Night #2: trains & puzzles

Night #3: ALL of his books & the toy box that holds his books

Night #4: books & train tracks

Night #5: sippy's, lotion, butt paste & trains
(oops...he woke up and caught us in the act)

Any clues as to the meaning of this?

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