Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was rejuvenating in so many ways. I've had so many thoughts on my mind this weekend and thought I'd share some of them in this post.

I think all of my thoughts stemmed from the beautiful funeral I attended on Friday for Jen. Her funeral was a great reminder of how important it is to live life with an eternal perspective. It inspired me to live a life without regrets. Ryan (Jen's husband and lifelong friend of mine) is such a great example of the refining power trials can have and radiated such a powerful testimony of faith, particularly as he dedicated his wife's grave. On Mother's Day my thoughts were especially with their 3-year-old little boy Noah as he experienced his first Mother's Day without his mother and with Ryan as he experienced his first Mother's Day without his wife.

Mother's Day afternoon was spent with my side of the family. We ate dinner as a family and then went to Wheeler Farm to feed the ducks and enjoy the beautiful outdoors together. To me there is nothing more heavenly than spending time outdoors on a beautiful day with family. It was perfect.

As I watched Bryson's excitement as he chased the ducks and visited all of the animals, I thought about how grateful I am to be the mother of such an amazing little boy. I learn from his perfectly pure example every day.

I was reminded what a blessing it is to be alive and surrounded by all those I love most. I was reminded that every moment I have with them should be cherished and not taken for granted. We never know when the ones we love most might be taken from us or us from them.

I thought of Bryson's birth mother and how grateful I am to her because she made it possible for me to be a mother. We sent her a text yesterday thanking her once again for the precious gift she has given to us. I think we have probably thanked her over a hundred times, but it will never be enough.

As I watched my mom and dad interact with their grandchildren I thought about how blessed I am to have been born of goodly parents who taught me the gospel and have always been such amazing examples to me. I love them so much!

We also visited baby Mac's grave. As I sat in that peaceful place watching Bryson run from grave to grave, I thought about all those I love who still have empty arms--either because they have lost a child and/or because they have yet to bear children. My heart ached for them.

After visiting Mac's grave we rolled down the windows, cranked up Soft Sunday Sounds on FM100, and went for a drive around the city.

On our drive I was reminded of all of the innumerable reasons I love Mike as he made me practice my beat boxing. Yes, you heard that right--BEAT BOXING! We ended up laughing so hard at my pathetic attempt that we almost had to pull to the side of the road. I think the only reason Mike likes me to practice is not so I can get better (I actually think I get worse), but so he can have some great entertainment. Mike is amazing at it and has already started teaching Bryson how to do it. Sadly, I think Bryson is already a better beat boxer than I am.

The day was perfect and a great opportunity to reflect on my blessings and the many areas in my life I need to improve.

Life is amazing!

Life Rules.

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