Just wanted to wish my mom a happy birthday on this very special 09/09/09 day (today is also her wedding anniversary). Pretty cool that her 59th birthday falls on such a significant day. I called her at 9:09 this morning to wish her a happy birthday. I bet you can't guess what her favorite number is? Here are more reasons why:

We have 9 people in our family.
In 1959 she was 9 and in 2009 she's 59.
There are 9 letters in September.
By the end of 2009 she'll have 9 grandchildren (her 9th grandchild is due in December).

You can read some other cool facts about 09/09/09 here and wish her a happy birthday here.

The 9 Hinckley's
Taken back in 1996 (I can't believe I use to walk around looking like that....yikes!)
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