Bryson's favorite movie is:

(he prefers this movie/musical over any other including Elmo, Barney, Yo Gabba Gabba, etc!!! Does that seem kind of strange to anyone else?)

His favorite YouTube video is this:

He puts anything and everything in his pockets.

He calls mommy "Erin" and daddy "Uncle Mike" (those are the names he hears a lot of people call us so I guess he picked up on it and decided to start calling us those names too!)

He wants to do EVERYTHING himself.

He likes to keep the door to his room closed at all times. (I'm not sure what he's hiding in there)

He LOVES sports, especially baseball, tennis, and golf. Here's a little clip he wanted me to put on the blog of his killer tennis skills (sorry there is no sound other than the music--I have major camera issues...argh!):

video length 1:15

Such a funny little guy!
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