conference weekend

I love conference time! It's such a great opportunity to evaluate where we stand in becoming who we want to be and to re-dedicate our lives to the Savior.

This year we watched/listened to the Saturday sessions at home while we deep cleaned our house. Ahhh...it feels great to have a clean house!

As tradition, Mike goes to the Priesthood session with his dad, so Mike's mom and I (and Bryson) met up and went to "Ladies Night" at Deseret Book. It was super crowded, but a fun experience.

Afterwards we met back up with Mike and his dad at a fun new pirate restaurant in Orem called Pirate Island. It's a pirate themed restaurant that caters to people of all ages. There's a fun little play place for toddlers, an arcade for teenagers, and a live music area for adults. They serve really great pizza (try the chicken ranch pizza if you go....it's excellent!) and have a wide variety of other menu options to choose from. We were really impressed!

Bryson loved shooting the guns with his daddy and learned how to say "arrr matie" just like a pirate!

We watched the Sunday morning session at home and then went to Mike's parents house for a yummy lunch. We enjoyed watching the stories they showed between sessions about Paul Cardall and Elizabeth Smart, both of whom have been through very difficult experiences. Their testimonies of faith were powerful and moving.

We listened to the first part of the second session as we drove to my parent's house. Elder Holland's talk was AMAZING! As I listened to it in the car, I couldn't help the tears from flowing down my face because I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! Out of all the gospel principles that make up the testimony I have of the gospel of Jesus Christ, my testimony of the Book of Mormon reigns the strongest! It has changed my life! I love it and know it's true--which is why I loved his talk so much!

We finished watching the rest of conference at my parents house with my family and then enjoyed a yummy dinner with them.

Conference time always leaves me with a renewed determination to be better and better is what I am going to try to be. :)

The end.
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