a day with grandpa

On Friday Bryson & Brock (I babysit him each Friday) got to spend the day with grandpa "Hink!" My dad is the Athletic Director for Riverton High School and his girls volleyball team was competing in a tournament at UVU. Since I'm such a huge fan of volleyball, he invited the boys and I to join him.

First we stopped by the baseball field to see uncle Josh.

The boys had fun playing on the playground and chasing baseballs down the hill.

Then we went inside to watch the girls play.

Grandpa spoiled them with lots of junk food.

Watching the girls play on the same courts I use to play on made me miss volleyball SO MUCH! Those were the glory days!

Thanks dad! We had a great time.

P.S. On a bittersweet note, my grandpa Green (my mom's dad) passed away yesterday (bitter part) and is now with his eternal sweetheart again (sweet part). He was my last remaining living grandparent. I'll post more about that soon.
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