Happy Birthday EriN!

Well it’s that time of year when we celebrate Christmas, a New Year, the awesome Utah winter and of course my beautiful Erin’s Birthday. Can you believe she’s turning 29 this year…wait…wasn’t that a few years ago??? She keeps telling me she’s 29 this year, so who am I to disagree? My guess is she’ll be this age for a long, long time. Hey, I’m OK with it. When I’m 54, bald, fat and poor, I’ll still be the coolest guy on the block with a hot 20’s something wife.

Anyway, this picture is a cute little gem I dug out of a box and thought it would provide a little glance back in time to when life was much simpler and all you had to do to forget your worries was suck on a banana flavored popsicle. Isn’t she cute in this picture? She tells me it was taken just after her aunt got mad at her for stealing a popsicle without asking and that’s her pouting face.

Actually my beautiful Erin is 31 this year. She has accomplished a lot this year and we have grown so much as a couple. I just wanted her to know how much I love her and I hope she has an even better and more successful year in 2010. She is the love of my life and is the glue that keeps our little family together. She is perfect for me in so many ways it makes my head spin just thinking about it. So many miracles happened for us to be together, but that’s the way the Lord works. He’s very mysterious like that!


Love, Mike

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