Guess who's a big Boy?

You guessed it! Our little man Bryson is the big boy and uses the potty now!
(peeing like a man--thanks to Piddlers, his aim is superb!)

I've always been a believer that children will do things when they are ready. Each child is different. There is no right or wrong time. They learn to sit when they are ready, they crawl when they are ready, they walk when they are ready, they start talking when they are ready, they go potty in the potty when they are ready, etc. So that's the approach we've taken with Bryson. We've been talking to Bryson about using the potty for several months now. I've also been preparing myself by learning about different potty training techniques and getting advice from experienced mothers. I made him a potty chart, bought him fun stickers to put on it, went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of prizes he could choose from each time he filled up a chart, etc.

We have asked him daily for weeks if he was ready to be a "big boy" and say bye-bye to his diapers for good, but he always said no...

until this past Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, he walked up to me and very quietly whispered, "I want to be a big boy now." Oh my goodness I was thrilled!!!! The day I'd been preparing so long for had finally come!!! So we went to his room and took off his diaper, said bye-bye to all of his diapers, and he picked out a nice new pair of big boy undies to put on. He was so proud of his new look.

After researching practically every method out there, I decided to go with the potty training in one day (aka The Dr. Phil) method. Bryson LOVES to pretend, so I thought he would love the idea of teaching a doll to go potty in the toilet. He did and knew just what to have the doll do. It was so cute to watch Bryson teach the doll (borrowed from Nonni) how to go potty.

Then it was Bryson's turn! He was so cute and so proud of himself. All day long whenever he would feel the urge to go pee, he would go running to the potty yelling "I feel the need, I feel the need!!!" I never had to remind him once...he just did it. I kept thinking to myself, "I thought this was suppose to be hard!" I've heard so many horror stories about potty training that I was shocked when Bryson took to it like it was nothing.

When it was time for him to go #2 he ran into the bathroom and shut the door. He wouldn't let me in. I guess he wanted his privacy. When he was done, he opened the door and yelled, "I went poo, I went poo!!" So I walked in, afraid of what I would find, and sure enough a big #2 was floating around in the toilet with two little wads of poopy toilet paper on the toilet seat. He tried to wipe all by himself! It was so cute! Being a first timer, he obviously missed quite a bit of the remains, so I helped him finish cleaning up.

(Bryson's first FULL potty chart)

Since that first day Bryson has continued to do wonderfully!!! I'm totally amazed. Yes, he's had a few tiny accidents and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come, but it's so much easier than I expected.

I guess when you're ready, you're ready! I'm so proud of my little man. Bryson rocks the potty!!!
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