Hide the Bug

I love being a mom.
I love being Bryson's mom.
Today we went to the park.
We swung on swings.
Bryson played on the playground while I did sit-ups and lunges around the playground.
As I did sit-ups I looked up at the beautiful trees above me and felt so grateful to be a mother.
Then uncle Ike came and we ran the jogging trail.
Uncle Ike brought Bryson a churro to eat while we pushed him in the stroller.
Ike and I talked about change and trying to be better people.
Bryson lost his favorite sword at the park.
Now he's working hard to earn a new one.
When we got home Granny Goose was on the porch waiting to visit.
We ate lunch together and then Bryson showed her his room.
When she left Bryson and I played "Hide the Bug"
We hid Bryson's big [fake] insect collection around the yard.
He peeked while I hid them.
I peeked while he hid them.
I love watching him when he doesn't know I'm watching.
He is such an amazing little boy and I feel so grateful to be his mother.
Now we're off to the store to pick up groceries and to look at swords.
He wants a red one.

I love my little man.
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