Bryson's Schedule

With Bryson officially starting "school" (I'll explain that in my next post), I really wanted to get him on a schedule that we could both stick to. I am all about setting goals and sticking to a schedule. So I made him this schedule board...and let me tell you, he loves it! It's a wonder worker!

He loves getting the chance to make choices about what he does each day. As part of his bedtime routine, we put together the following days schedule. I put on the things that have to be done like meals, school, quiet time, brush teeth, etc. and then he gets to fill in the other slots with what he wants to do.

Here's what yesterday's schedule looked like:
click to view larger

To make it I cut a board to the size I wanted at Home Depot and then painted it. Everything else I created graphically on the computer and then just printed them off, and cut them out. Once they were cut out, I hard laminated each piece so they would be sturdy and then put Velcro on the back of each piece so they would stick to the board and be easy to switch around.

The battles over getting him to do things and go places are completely extinct now because all I have to do is refer him to the schedule and he knows exactly what to expect because he helped plan it!

It's great.
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