Bryson is old enough to start preschool, but I really wanted teach him at home his first year.
Call me crazy, but I will never have this time with him again, so I want to
take full advantage of it by spending as much time with him while I still can!
I'll let him grow up and go to a "real" preschool next year. :)

We've had so much fun his first week of school!
We've been spending one hour every day focusing on one new letter.
My mom is a 2nd grade teacher and hooked me up with some great stuff from her school to help me teach him. Nonni also sent me home with a great set of learning tools, so I'm totally set.

Each day I pack his little "school suitcase" full of all things pertaining to the letter of the day.
Here's a look at what we've done this week.

Click on each set of pictures below to get a better look!

Did letter A worksheets.
Practiced saying the short A sound while hopping around on the square tiles in the kitchen and by eating letter A cookies.
Got on Hulu and learned about ants, alligators, and airplanes.
Hid objects that start with the letter A around the yard (airplane, ankylosaurus, alligator, ant, etc.)
Ate apples dipped in peanut butter.

Did letter B worksheets.
Practiced saying the B sound while bouncing a ball and eating letter B cookies.
Read books about the letter B.
Dressed a little boy doll we named Bryson in different uniforms.
Got on Hulu and learned about bugs, bats, and birds.
Blew bubbles.

Did letter C worksheets.
Practiced the C sound while we built towers with cups.
Colored with Crayons.
Read books about the letter C.
Walked to Wheeler Farm to look at cows and chickens.
Made cookies.

Did letter D worksheets.
Practiced the D sound while we lifted dumbbells and ate letter D cookies.
Read books about the letter D and about dinosaurs.
Got on Hulu and learned about dinosaurs, ducks, and dogs.
Made a paper sack puppet dog.
Ate a dum-dum.

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