Water Storage & Jungle Jim's

JUNGLE JIM'S: Bryson's cousin Oakland had her 1st birthday party this past weekend at Jungle Jim's. Bryson was in heaven and had a blast...(so did Mike).

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WATER STORAGE: One of our goals since moving into our house is to get a food storage before we spend any money on painting and making over the rooms in our house (which I'm dying to do!). Our home has a designated cold storage room, so there just aren't any excuses any more why we shouldn't have one. So this past week we bought a 250 gallon water tank, which we've appropriately named Big Bertha.
Isn't she a beauty?!?!

Bryson had so much fun helping daddy empty out all of our water that has been stored in about 50 milk jugs.

His favorite part was crushing the milk jugs after they were empty because he liked how it helped him build the muscles in his arms.

P.S. We are FINALLY approved to adopt!!!!! 
You can view our adoption profile online HERE.

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