Daddy Time

Mike is such an amazing dad.
The immense love I had for him before we adopted Bryson is nothing compared to the love I have for him now that I've seen him as a father.

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Each time I see him playing with Bryson magnifies my love for him and reminds me how blessed I am to have him as my husband. Bryson idolizes him and loves "daddy time" which Mike sets aside for him each day.

Mike has the amazing ability to make me laugh like no other man can. He has made me laugh every single day of our nearly 9 year marriage. Even on days I don't feel like laughing he somehow finds a way to pull a smile and a laugh out of me. I don't know how he does it, but it's amazing!

Watching Mike and Bryson fly a kite the other day was a purely heavenly experience for me.
As I watched them I felt like I caught a brief glimpse of the eternities and all that awaits us.
My heart nearly burst out of love for them.
Watching them put my life and all of the trials and challenges I face into perspective and reminded me that everything I am blessed to go through in this life is making me better in some way for them.
Loving them continually inspires me to be better.

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