Here's a quick look at what our little man has been up to lately...
Swinging in Granny's backyard with daddy.

Jogging and working out along the Jordan River Parkway with mommy & Taylor--our favorite daily activity. We stop at the different playgrounds along the way and while Bryson plays, we workout off to the side with our hand weights.

Wagon rides with the ladies.

A fun visit from Mommy Kim.
Kim came into town on a last minute trip so we were excited to be able to hang out for a bit.
Bryson loved it and was in heaven!

Easter egg hunt with the cousins.

Rolling down a hill with Nonni at the National Kidney Foundation Easter egg hunt.
Nonni is one cool grandma!

Playing with daddy on the new airplane Granny Goose bought for the grandkids.

Wrestling with cousin Brock and uncle Ike:

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