Our Little Preschooler

Last week a new chapter in this little man's life began...
with the start of PRESCHOOL!
It's hard to believe he's as old as he is.
It seems like just yesterday Mommy Kim blessed our lives with his. 
As I drove away from the school after dropping him off his first day I got a little emotional as I thought about the start of this new chapter in his life, which signals an end to the old one.
It's hard to say goodbye to the past sometimes.
Good thing I've blogged about every detail of it so I can relive it when I miss it. :)

This little man is amazing.
We cannot even put into words how blessed we feel to have him in our lives.
We are so grateful to Mommy Kim for trusting us enough to be his parents and for blessing us with the opportunity to help little Bryson on his earthly journey back to our Heavenly Father.
We pray for help each day in fulfilling such a sacred responsibility.

Reasons I love my little sweetheart Bryson:
1. His sound effects cover me with spit
2. He gives me hugs & kisses whenever I ask
3. He sleeps in his undies
4. He always has a sword or a light saber shoved down his pants
5. He has the most amazing birth mom who has a birthday TODAY!

Happy Birthday Mommy Kim!
We made this video for you so you could hear about Bryson going to preschool.
It's a little long, so hopefully you can make it through it. :)
Bryson added a little gift for you at the end of the video too, so enjoy!
We love you!

To clarify: this video makes it kind of sound like we are adopting a baby boy, but we're not...not yet anyway. That's just what Bryson is hoping for...but he'd love a girl too. :)
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