City Creek Center

Last week for "Fun Friday" my sister and I decided to check out the new City Creek Center downtown with the boys on day two of it being open. Granny met us there and we had so much fun. We got there right when it opened and there weren't any crowds at all.
We visited the famous Tiffany's and I've never seen more beautiful diamond rings in all my life. The price of the one I liked best was only $80,000...haha.

Of course we had to hit the Disney store for the kids while we were there. Granny bought them each a fun toy and then the store got taken over by all of the Disney villains! Thankfully Tinkerbell came and saved the day.
There were living statues all over the place that were kind of weird, but cool, and amazing musicians playing on every corner. The dude in this picture is from ThePianoGuys and he was amazing. I love this video of his and Bryson loves this one.

 Bryson and Brock loved exploring all of the streams and waterfalls that run throughout the plaza.

On the way home, I had entirely too much fun taking pictures of my wind blown hair while driving down the freeway in my sister's topless jeep.

 Fun times.
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