For last weeks Fun Friday we hit Utah's Hogle Zoo. My little bro Ike had the day off school (he's currently working on his MBA) so he tagged along for the fun.
Bryson and Ike posing in front of the skunk looking monkeys. 
FYI: despite how it may seem in this picture, Isaac isn't "special"-- he purposely smiles as awkwardly as he can in every picture just to make me mad (this pic is a prime example). He plays the role of a brother very well.
Brock and Bryson checking out the tigers. Tigers are such beautiful animals.
This gorilla was AWESOME!!!! I loved him. Staring into his eyes just inches away from him was definitely the highlight of the trip.
Group shot.
Ike and the boys on the train. If you can't tell from the picture, train rides are Ike's favorite thing...haha.
Me, Rach, and little Brody on the train.

Life rules!
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