Mike spent April half way around the world in Bangalore, India for work. It was a long month without him but Bryson and I somehow survived and are now so happy to have him back home with us where he belongs.

I think the biggest thing I learned while Mike was gone is that little boys need dads. Bryson LOVES to wrestle and rough house with his daddy and it was so hard for him to not have a daddy around to do that with. It was like torture for him to have to hold in all of that boy energy for so long. My brother Ike was so awesome and volunteered to come over one day to play with Bryson. Ike spent a few hours wrestling and clobbering Bryson with a Styrofoam sword and Bryson loved every second of it. So of course the first thing Bryson wanted to do with his daddy when he got home was wrestle. We're both so glad to have him home.

Here are some pictures Mike took of his trip:

P.S. Mike's kidney had its 13th birthday today in his tummy! We cracked open a can of kidney beans to celebrate. We're thankful it's still kickin'.
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