The Living Room

Since the weather has been so amazing we've started going on relaxing Sunday afternoon hikes with my brother Ike and his wife Amy.
Ike brought along his GPS unit and Bryson had fun learning how to navigate his way up the mountain.

We hiked to a spot above the U called The Living Room.

There are a bunch of cool chairs and couches you can sit on at the top all made out of rock.

The view was spectacular!

I could have sat up there all day.

Ike sporting one of his many classic poses.

Bryson hummed The Imperial March from Star Wars the whole way up and down the mountain.

It was awesome.
We ended up back at Ike & Amy's house where Ike introduced Bryson to a Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, which Bryson of course LOVED. It was cute watching Ike teach Bryson how to play. Ike's such a great uncle.
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