Mother's Day

This Mother's day we...
Took a cute mommy/sister/sister-in-law photo
 (missing is Ike's wife Amy--they are on a cruise).

Moved a super heavy ancient piano down into my brother's basement

...with lots of rest breaks.

Visited Baby Mac's grave.

Had endless light saber battles.

Got this adorable flower creation and card from Bryson.
I'll take the age, but it looks like I need to work at being more funny.

Surprised Mommy Kim with these flowers and chocolates. The card says:
 "Happy Mother's Day Mommy Kim!
 I love you! Love, Bryson"
She found them on her doorstep when she got home from church and texted us this cute picture of her with them.

Received these hanging plants from Mike to pretty-up our backyard.

It was a great day.
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