I grew up in a family that was HUGE into baseball. I've spent more hours than I can count cheering my brothers and sisters on out on the baseball field. I feel so at home there and am thrilled that my little man is finally old enough to play. Love it.
Bryson wasn't all that into soccer, but boy has he been excited to start baseball.

Bryson loves it and is quite the little player. 
He's got a great arm and a good eye and I'm excited to watch his talent develop.

I love watching Mike and all the other dad's out on the field helping their son's learn the game.
Mike took Bryson shopping for his first glove and it was so cute watching him teach Bryson how to break it in.

My favorite part is watching all the little dudes run the bases like little bobble heads because their helmets are so massive.

Here's a clip of little man in action:
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